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FOX Business
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm EST
economic advisors. wells is advising him of what to do from an economic perspective? >> presidents don' presidents dt their economies. if they did, everything would be fine. listen these political types and the political types that you got to have tax hikes on the rich because that place into a certain constituency we have to fund the green energy projects because it plays into the environmentalists. david: the council of economic advisors are pretty close to pure economist whereas there are other economists who are more politically oriented and it is that group the president is listening to right now. >> there are lots of political types in the white house. they listen to those a lot more than they listen to the economy. the president is a lot more responsive, this president anyway, to his political advisors than his economic advisors. david: even at the risk of contradicting himself, the president a year ago the president was saying we don't have to raise tax rates on anybody, we can get all the revenue we need but getting rid of deductions going to the simpson-bowles type of thing.
FOX Business
Dec 28, 2012 11:00am EST
ameritrade. dennis: throw the bums out, don brown says that is the only way to prevent future fiscal cliff to limit politicians' to a single term. here's news that makes washington talk look like kabuki theater, strike threat for east coast ports would arrest as negotiators get a deal. for the more distinguished members of the audience, read old, dick tracy comic strip with a two way wristwatch radio, we will tell you how apple may be about to top it. shibani: 30 past the hour stocks every 15 minutes. lauren simonetti is here now, barnes and noble up big time, surprising considering they did not have a good christmas. >> big winner on good volume. barnes and noble shares up 6% and even more in the free-market but that is right. they did say their preliminary holiday sales come in weaker than expected and also plan on raising a warning about their -- bad news which they gave second, the first piece of information they gave which puts the stock up 12% was that pearson with investing $90 million in its milk business, pearson shares are flash. all of this affecting apple shares today. th
FOX Business
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
to themselves and others, they don't commit them, if they don they let them out in two or three days. lou: these tragic horrible stories, carry so many commonalities, whether it is aura colorado or newtown,@ connecticut, tucson, arizona. >>e have to look at who is committing these crimes, they are young men in their 20s. and you know, they are often disenfranchized there is something slightly off with them. >> often alone. often had severe psychiatric histories, many on medication. but a lot of rage. and spend -- and everyone saying, eventually, we knew that guy was a time bomb waiting to go off. >> there is always something a bit off, and yeah -- lou: and society does not respond? out of a sense of political correctness or what. >> a sen of a person's civil rights. >> a lack of awareness. we're teaching men the way to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3